Shane Peacock Originals and Quality Auto in Covington, Tennessee, tackled the upholstery, as Camaro SS buckets were cut down, reskinned with light gray leather and green inserts, and then bolted in front of a Billet Specialties Classic steering wheel. Nearly every plastic piece, including the dash, was removed and sanded smooth before being sprayed the matching Honda Green. For audio entertainment, the addition of Kicker amps, a ZX650.4 for the 6.5-inch Kicker separates, and a ZX1500.1 for the Kicker CVT-10 subs, were mounted behind a smoothed and painted panel behind the seats. The four shallow-mount Kicker subs rest in the custom-fiberglass center console that was built by Shane Peacock and Bill Watson. Finally, the audio and video is controlled by a Valor ITS702W 7-inch DVD/CD player that was mounted in the factory location.

During such a tight schedule, the Watsons greatly appreciated the help from their sponsors: Kinetik Power, Kicker Car Audio, Online Paint and Body, Glass in a Flash, Big Willy's Rod Shop, Quality Audio, and Gary Loftin's Custom Plating. Katrinia would also like to thank her husband Bill Watson, and everyone else who helped on the hectic build, including: Shane Peacock, Big John Adkins, Ronny Young, J. Mike, Phillip Doris, Fred, Brian, Big Ben, Erik Harbour, Byran Mitchell Watson, and Pat Szeman.