Roadwire recovered the seats and steering wheel in two-tone silver and black leather. Seven-inch Sony monitors were installed in the front headrests and visors and receive signals from the Sony XAV-A1 DVD head unit. Then, a PlayStation 2 was installed, to give the younger generation gaming abilities. At this point, Jack Osborne of Mobile Audio Concepts came in to create a 14,000-watt Sony X-plod sound system in the Ford. In the front doors, Jack created a door panel that contains four 6-1/2-inch Sony X-plod components, four Sony crossovers, and one 6-1/4-inch Sony monitor. The rear doors are now fitted with three 6-1/2-inch components and are also equipped with a Sony monitor. Moving to the bed, Jack built a box that contains four Sony X-plod 12-inch subs that provide plenty of low-frequency boom to match all of the mids and highs in the cab. Powering all of the audio mayhem is a grand total of 16 Sony X-plod amps, which give the F-150 enough power to give any generation-Y listener a headache. In case watching is more your style rather than listening, mounted underneath the tonneau cover are two huge 26-inch Sony flat monitors providing plenty of gaming and DVD options. Monster Cable wires, cables, and connectors were used throughout the audio and video system. Keeping all of the amps and monitors secure and dry is a one-off power tonneau cover built by DeBerti Designs. A custom-built cage welded to the inside of the rear framerails houses six Optima YellowTop batteries supplying the extra juice for the system.

Built to showcase what a young designer with endless resources could create, Shane's F-150 has garnered the respect of everyone who has seen it, and it even won the '06 SEMA Ford Design award. Keep an eye out for more custom trucks from the DeBerti stable, as Shane has only scratched the surface of what is to come.