6.0L Power and MPG UpgradesBig rubber needs big power behind it, and Jeremy directed his attention to the 6.0L Power Stroke diesel under the new Ford's hood. Sniper Performance in Sanford, Florida, added its Sniper programmer for sizable horsepower, torque, and transmission upgrades. An AFE cold-air induction system speeds the flow of incoming air while the 4-inch RBP custom exhaust dumps into a 6-inch satin black tip. The changes mean this truck performs well and looks good, now boasting a healthy 400 hp at the wheels, more than enough to spin the 40-inch tires on demand. Amazingly, the truck still delivers 16 mpg.

Killer StereoWith the horsepower and lift upgrades accomplished, lots of drivers would have been satisfied, but Jeremy wanted to take the truck to the next level. He likes his music loud and contacted the experts at Executive Auto Design in Sanford.

They put an entertainment package together that achieved results far beyond what you'd expect in a truck this strong. Both the cab and bed were brought into play to hold the elaborate audio-visual system. Control begins with the Kenwood double-DIN AM/FM/CD/DVD player feeding multiple audio and visual outlets. Two pairs of Cadence CVL three-way, 6 1/4-inch component sets in each front door are augmented with separate tweeters, along with a set of 5 1/4-inch components in the kick panels. The mids and highs up front are balanced by a similar package in the rear doors, each holding another pair of components. All four doors were fitted with custom fiberglass enclosures that showcase the speaker mix.

Show-Truck InteriorThe centerpiece of the install is the center console, running from the dash to the rear cab wall. New rear bucket seats, upholstered to match the Outlaw Edition front seats, add to the uniqueness of the package. The large Icon 10 1/4-inch video monitor on top of the console gives front-seat passengers a perfect view while the back-seat riders have smaller screens angled for their entertainment. On either side, you'll see a pair of JL Audio 1001 amplifiers that power the system, and moving to the rear, you'll discover a head-turning arrangement for the rear-mounted subs. After cutting a pass-through in the rear cab wall, the install team created a polished plexiglass housing that accommodates a half dozen T3 Audio 12-inch subs. To ensure the subs had the appropriate air space, the enclosure extends into the bed of the truck, adding visual interest as well as hard-hitting sound. Plexiglass windows in the bed give spectators a chance to view the combination of artistry and audio engineering.

Finished?The truck has become a regular weekend driver, but that's not the end of the story. Jeremy's truck is different every minute, so it's like taking pictures of a moving train. Soon after this photo shoot was completed, the truck was back in the shop for major revisions that include new paint and an all-new interior. Stand by, we may be seeing this work (always) in progress again.