Those interior coverings were the handy stitchcraft of Ramon at the Upholstery Zone in Simi Valley. Making the factory gray leather more interesting are blue suede seat centers fading away into flames, which incinerated the white leather above it. Orange stitching pipes the flames, which brings in more of the outside colors. A matching headliner, awash in white leather, feels the burn of fiery-blue suede inserts. Audio Concepts, which is also located in Simi Valley, had its hand in the internal transformation. During the installation of all the electronics, Jos Herrera had his team do a series of blue-suede inserts in the dash, center console, passenger grab handle, and also in all four doors' custom speaker pods. In-house electronics specialist, Steve Hock, gutted most of the OE sound equipment to make way for a stellar-sounding audio install. An Eclipse AVN-6610 touch-screen head unit starts it all with signals traveling to twin JL Audio amplifiers, which were mounted under the folding rear seats. A 500/1 and 300/4 amplify sounds to the four JL Audio ZR-650 door speakers up front, quad JL Audio XR-525 rear-door speakers, and dual JL Audio 12W3 subwoofers, which were mounted in a custom enclosure behind the rear seats. Up top, the factory optioned Panasonic flip-down screen and DVD player was modified to integrate into the rest of Steve's creative vision. An Alpine TMEM-770 touch screen sets in the center console while two Vizualogic 9-inch screens with integrated DVD players are mounted into each front headrest.

Matching HTS' flamed fantasy world is an '04 Eliminator 26 Daytona. Under the fully engulfed engine hatch sits a Teague 750hp naturally aspirated V-8 that can move the boat to near triple-digit speed. An off-the-charts Orion sound system can be found there rivaling the blast of even the truck's potent system. Audio Concepts claims responsibility for the ear-splitting installation. As for the '06 Special Construction chopper, it started life as an Xtreme Cycle Design frame built with 5 inches of forward stretch and 2 inches of vertical stretch. Powering the bike is a monster 120ci all-billet Patrick Racing engine that has been fully polished. Puting hulk-like horsepower to the ground via a 280 rear tire, it has all of the awesome looks of the GMC, thanks to the handiwork of Jerry at Jerk Designs.

We love to see trucks with more accessories than a Beverly Hills shopper. On our road trip to Havasu Havoc, Doug had the chopper cinched safely in the bed of the truck while also towing the smoking fast Eliminator boat. The passing motorists rolled by and stared while wide-eyed children fought to flash him a hearty thumb's up. With the talented ability of a couple of friends, Doug and HTS have created a trio of healthy viewing pleasures stuffed with all of the right amenities.