Wheels could quite possibly be considered the most essential upgrade when customizing your truck or SUV. When we begin a project, wheels and tires are always at the top of our list of modifications. With the ability to make or break an overall appearance, choosing the right wheel and tire combo is vital. Last month, we introduced you to our long-term '07 Cadillac Escalade EXT project truck in its stock form. This month, we began making it unique by starting things off in a similar way you would, by swapping out the wheels. Pooling all of our resources together, we were able to team up with the GM Vehicle Accessory Center, in Rancho Cucamonga, California, to show you several wheel and tire combos offered by GM Performance Parts and Genuine Cadillac Accessories.

Starting with the factory 18-inch cast aluminum wheels, we upgraded to two different sets of 20-inch chrome wheels, and then went to a plus-4 upgrade with the latest 22-inch wheels available from GM Performance Parts and Genuine Cadillac Accessories. An industry first in '07, the new Escalade can be ordered with 22-inch factory or upgraded GM wheels from the dealer. Marketed as engineering already built-in, the brakes and suspension were designed to handle the extra weight and rolling mass of the larger wheels and tires. All GM accessories are backed by the manufacturer's warranty and are engineered to meet strict requirements. Another perk to choosing this upgrade is most dealerships will be able to roll the extra cost of the new wheels into your financing. For a little extra each month, you can be riding in style. Check out all of the options available for the new Escalade and contact your local dealer to get hooked up.