In the driver seat, an Imco tilt steering wheel controls the Daytona as it races up the river between Arizona and California to Parker Dam. There's no need for a depth gauge at the dam, because Parker Dam is the deepest dam in the world. However, the Livorsi Marine gauges with white dials and chrome bezels, are needed for the GPS satellite-guided analog speedo, tach, electrical, mechanical, fluid, and temperature monitoring, and a mechanical drive-trim indicator. Underneath the command center sits a stainless-steel cupholder-which is perfectly located-as it's easy to reach, shaded, and in the gunwale. The white plexi-glass glovebox is located on the passenger side to hold all of the valuables. To knock down the wind, acrylic windscreens are housed forward of the front-seat passengers, which gives the boat an overall stealthy appearance.

The front bucket seats and rear bench seat are a traditional white with a custom-colored upholstery design to match the yellow and purple flames on the exterior, including the "Eliminator" name embroidered at the top of the high back seats. The audio system is a 500-watt sound system, installed by Wired for Sound Motorsports in Murrieta, California. The system includes sounds throughout the entire boat with Kicker component speakers in the front and rear-seating areas. To add bass to the boat, Wired for Sound Motorsports also handled the task by installing two 12-inch subwoofers for a completely rocking system.

Eliminator Custom Boats is a boat builder with more than 30 years experience. It gives each buyer, including Ashley Harris, an opportunity to tailor their boat with their own special requests and customizations. Harris didn't limit his custom combo to a sweet boat and truck package; he included his golf cart, jet skis, RC Hummer, and RC powerboat to match the yellow and purple flame-theme, and that is what makes-up one Hot Dam combo.