The body was complete, with the exception of what many would argue to be the most insane part of the truck: the paint. Jay Wright from Custom Painted Vehicles in Racine, Wisconsin, applied his artistry to the Hummer using BASF paints. Real flames can be seen scorching both sides of the H2 with Criss Angel's likeness holding the flames in the palm of his hand. Wild looking cards are seen streaking by on the black surface as they, too, are on fire. An illusionist himself couldn't have done a better job at applying the flames to the Hummer and the overall look fits the theme perfectly. But there's still more to be seen inside.

Grabbing onto the billet door handles and opening the doors revealed an interior that can only be described as red. A red dash, red door panels, red Yonaka Motorsports racing seats, and a red Magical Industries fabric headliner. Yes, the interior is red. Besides the vibrant color, Showtime Audio located in Chicago built huge door panel pods that house three 6-1/2-inch Maxxsonics components and 23-inch Farenheit monitors. Showtime also fabricated a center console subwoofer enclosure, which houses eight Brutus 10-inch subs that reach from the dash all the way to the back window. A JVC KD-AVX2 provides the tunes for the HiFonics amps. Now residing in the dash is a 10-inch touchscreen monitor that interfaces with the DriveSoft computer system. The DriveSoft computer controls the entire truck, including the sound, video, and engine tuning system. Above the 10-inch screen are five Faze gauges providing additional information to the fortunate driver. Going back to the mirror covers, Real Wheels installed tiny cameras on each side and the rear of the Hummer. Monitors are now installed where the rearview mirror once resided and the rear camera provides a line of sight. Controlling the Hummer's direction is a one-off solid billet spiderweb steering wheel, which was custom cut by Real Wheels. It's just another trick mod added to the Mindfreak Hummer.

Completing the Hummer is another automation spectacular, which was housed inside the bed. With the push of a button, the clear acrylic tonneau cover motorizes up while audio/video components, blossoming from stainless steel tube, rise from the bed floor. Mounted onto the tubes are a series of four HiFonics amps, Maxxsonics speakers, and a 23-inch Farenheit monitor. As if the rest of the H2 wasn't wild enough, this display of engineering pushes people over the edge.

Mindfreak continues to mesmerize audiences everywhere it has been displayed. Just as Angel's illusions has left people wanting more, this Hummer H2 drops jaws with the best of them. Houdini would have been proud.