Manuel Cardoza of Pacific Grove, California, has always been a fan of Ford F-1 trucks. Actually, he's had one for nearly 20 years, which he drives on a regular basis. When talking to a friend in January of 2001, Manuel explained what he'd do differently if he ever built another one. His friend, also an F-1 fan, happened to have the remnants of a '49 F-1 he'd bought for parts, and gave Manuel the cab. Having been retired for eight years, Manuel was in the market for a project, so he set about to make his custom F-1 a reality.

In time, the other pieces began to come together, and Manuel began working on the frame. Up front, a '78 Camaro subframe was grafted onto the Ford frame, but every other piece of the chassis and drivetrain came from a donor, an '86 Lincoln Mark VII, since Manuel wanted to use as many Ford parts as possible. The Lincoln's 8.8-inch rear was mounted to a custom four-link that Manuel fabricated himself. He also boxed the frame for strength and shortened it to fit.

Powering the Ford is Lincoln's 302 HO engine that was bored .060 over and rebuilt with a Lunati 223-degree duration cam, Holley aluminum heads, and a Holley SysteMax intake. The exhaust was routed through the factory tubular manifolds, into 2-1/2-inch pipe and a Borla muffler. Power travels through the Lincoln's AOD transmission and a driveshaft that was shortened by Peninusla Truck in Salinas, California. The painted intake matches the firewall, fan shroud, and engine bay, while the rest of the engine is dressed in black and brushed metal.