With space to hold as many as 12 passengers, the open bow Deckboat provides plenty of room for bow-rider seating. Stainless-steel handrails were mounted around the open lounge area, for both form and function. The large storage compartments are located below the long benches. To complete the passenger necessities, the boat was outfitted with stainless-steel cupholders recessed into the gunwale. The interior is all custom-made by Magic. It uses the highest grade of materials, 40oz. vinyl and carpet, to endure the harsh elements from sun, water, and salt exposure, and handle heavy traffic. The traditional white interior, with the embroidered name, "Magic," at the top of the high back seats, adds an extra touch of class. The seating up in the bow was given a hint of orange and blueish-purple color to coordinate with the exterior design.

At the helm, Livorsi gauges with carbon-fiber faces have been installed to provide the ultimate monitoring of fluids and temperatures of electrical and mechanical components of the boat. The billet shifters, throttle, and the custom Magic steering wheel complete the overall aesthetics at the front seat's command center. The front seats have been given a custom gel-coated seat shell to match the exterior graphics. Off to the co-pilot's side sits a bucket seat and a Sony Drive SHX head unit with a Ron's Billet cover to protect the unit from the elements, which is situated right above the billet glovebox. The wired Marine remotes, which operate basic functions of the stereo, are located at the driver seat; one in the front, and one in the rear, for control effectively throughout the boat.

In the in-sole locker in front of the passenger side, houses one JL Audio 1000/1 amplifier to power the JL Audio subwoofer in a small carpeted enclosure with 1,000 watts of power to supply the sub and enough power and punch to create the bass. Two additional JL Audio 300/4 amplifiers are located in the same location as the amplifier for the sub and subwoofer itself, to power the additional speakers providing sounds throughout the entire boat. The audio system has MB Quart component speakers in the front and rear to make the entire system rock.

This unique Magic cat-bottom Deckboat, upgraded to a 1,000-hp Flat Top Marine engine, has an approximate top speed of 104 mph, while running at a maximum 5,800 rpm. Under the electronic lift engine hatch houses two billet battery covers. Additionally equipped with upgrades, the custom Flat Top Marine XR drive, with a 1.50 lower gear ratio, spins a Mercury Maximus 32-inch pitch five-blade stainless steel propeller. Upgraded with a Merlin III block, the engine is topped with a 14-71 supercharger by The Blower Shop, which creates 12 psi of boost on 110-octane fuel. The engine also features a Lunati Crank, Pro Mod rods, Dart heads, a Comp Cam valve train, twin 800 Demon carburetors, a Milidon oil pan, and a Master Lube accumulator. This boat screams performance.

The boat was given the name, "Favorite," and rides on a triple-axle trailer with six 16-inch polished aluminum wheels. This ultimate tow rig and boat package has turned out to be no mistake, but pure enjoyment.