Climbing into the cab will give you the first glimpse of Katzkin leather upholstery and ostrich inserts that cover both front and rear seats. Lou's Leather in Alburn, Idaho, stepped in to help the crew at Turboliner with that portion of the interior. From the vantage point of the leather-wrapped driver seat, the interior appears upscale but functional, as an Inalfa sunroof provides for a sky view, while Di Pricol gauges on the A-pillar keep the driver informed of exhaust gas temp, boost pressure, and transmission temp. The cab isn't all business though, as a Clarion head unit and amps team up with MTX subwoofers mounted in a custom enclosure behind the seat to provide plenty of audio power.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this build was that it was all done, from stock to the way you see it here, in less than two months. The crew at Turboliner outdid themselves with this build, as much of the work was done in their own shop, but they didn't want to leave George Roybal out, as it was his airbrush work that really added personality to this build and put this truck over the top.