Moving to the interior of the Ford, Daneal ditched the rear seat and had CoCo's Upholstery, also in Fort Pierce, cover virtually everything in oatmeal tweed and light-brown ostrich leather. Many of the remaining unupholstered interior pieces were painted the same candy orange as the exterior, with a few exceptions: the center console trim and the steering wheel were both replaced with billet pieces from Trenz. The final piece of the puzzle was the audio and video. A Jensen 7-inch in-dash DVD player sends video to a 15-inch monitor in the truck's headliner and sends audio to Jensen components in the doors and dash, providing plenty of entertainment for driving to and from the shows.

We shoot a lot of trucks that arrive to shows on the back of a trailer, but when we see a truck that lays as hard as Daneal's pop up to ride height and drive off, it reminds us of what most truck builders are going for when they first take a Sawzall to their ride. We wish we could say we'd drive a custom truck every day without fear of rock chips and parking lot dings; but we don't own our own paint booth, either.