Katzkin two-tone leather seat covers were added to the Super Duty, and provide good looks and a better feel than the cloth seats. HOT Motorsports in Santa Ana handled the audio/video system installation. The team at HOT Motorsports built a sub box behind the rear seat with Polk Audio subs powered by Polk amps. A Panasonic 7-inch in-dash head unit controls the 10.2-inch Vizualogic monitor in the headliner. A Vizualogic and Hindsight back-up camera provides easy parking for any lucky driver. No driving experience would be complete without more power and this 6.4L turbodiesel didn't disappoint us. Smoking those four rear tires is as easy as turning up the Gale Banks programmer, and hearing the intake suck in fresh air through the Gale Banks intake and out the custom Gale Banks dual exhaust. A Kinetik dual battery setup ensures the Ford stays charged--no matter what.

Coming along nicely, the only thing remaining for the Ford was the suspension and wheels dilemma. Stillen added DJM Dream Beams up front, along with custom 1-inch drop coils, which brought the nose down. The team at Street Scene flipped the rear leaf springs, cut a C-notch in the frame, and added Firestone AirRite airbags for towing assistance in the rear. Now for those awesome wheels. American Force 24x9-inch 10-lug Magnum wheels were mounted onto Pirelli 295/40R24 tires for a look that screams custom. A lowered '08 Super Duty on 24s is a look we can't get enough of.

It took two short months to turn a stock F-350 into this beautiful custom you see here and apparently Ford liked it, too, as Street Scene Equipment was awarded with the Ford Design Award at the '07 SEMA show. Now, if only there was a lifted dualie to match this lowered one.