Two members of our staff had the opportunity to take an F-450 on a coast-to-coast road trip, towing both ways. When they came back, they dreaded the phone call that meant the Super Duty was going back to the Ford fleet manager. It towed so well on the highway, we wanted one on hand all of the time.

We recently had a chance to drive the same F-450 around town for a few days, so other staff members could get some seat time with the behemoth. The result was a few complaints towards the interior, a bumpy ride around town, but overall it's a very driveable truck for its size. Only two members of the staff actually had complaints about the interior.

The real argument was whether a $56,000 truck should have a hard plastic dash and door panels. Compared to a luxury SUV, it's a little lacking, but the price tag on this truck goes a long way towards its capability. The truck's utilitarian interior is actually stylish for a work truck, and our Lariat trim level got us seats that were comfortable around town or for the long haul.