Our F-450 was equipped with a 4.88 limited-slip rearend that allowed the 6.4L diesel to spool up rather quickly. We weren't blown away by the acceleration, but considering the truck weighs about 9,000 pounds with a driver behind the wheel, it is quick for its size. Oddly enough, the enormous truck had us cringing at speed bumps of all things, because the big, burly suspension was not set up to be supple. We're certain the truck, when loaded up with more than 5,000 pounds of payload, would be much softer, but it's definitely no daily driver.

Then again, saying an F-450 is no daily driver is sort of like saying it's not a good choice for autocrossing. It could be done, and you'd definitely have fun doing it, but there are probably better choices. For those of you who need the capability to tow a trailer weighing around 17,000 pounds, Ford has a serious contender for your consideration.