When towing a 30-foot Magic deck boat, the tow vehicle will need to have enough power for such a feat of strength. When it is hooked up to a Freightliner Sport Chassis, that's a breeze for the power this tow vehicle makes. These two stunning specimens exhibit the power required for tons of play, whether it is the truck on land or the boat in water.

Starting with an '07 Magic deck boat, this beauty comes from renowned Magic Powerboats of Lake Havasu, Arizona. With hull designs from world famous Don Aronov, Magic has redefined the terms: play and quality family entertainment. The 9-1/2-foot wide deck boat weighs in at 7,900 pounds with fuel capacity of 180 gallons. There's seating for the entire family, plus all of their friends; deck boats have become the boats to own. It is not too often you will find a twin-engined deck boat, or one that can easily run close to 100 mph, depending upon the powerplant options.

What is the need of a twin-engine deck boat? Well, if you are manufacturing and selling boats to the people whom Magic Powerboats caters to, the "wow" and "cool" factors have to be revved up a bit. This particular Magic was equipped with Twin Mercury Racing 525 EFIs, mated with Mercury Racing Bravo XRs, which are capable of handling 90 mph top speed and on a consistent 80-85 mph. Not that owners will run a consistent 90 mph with the family on board, but if it becomes necessary to do so, it's nice to know the Magic deck boat has the ability.