Custom trucks can be addicting. A simple wheel swap turns into 26 inches of investment, 6x9s turn into three 15-inch MTX subs, and a little dab of color quickly transforms into a two-sided airbrushed custom. If this doesn't sound familiar to you, it does to Luis Serrano, of Pasadena, California. Trading in his '00 Camaro SS so he could complete his dream truck, Luis learned that one small idea can snowball into a wild one-of-a-kind ride.

Luis picked up his '05 Chevy new and wasted little time making it his own. Audio Innovations, in Glendora, California, took care of most of the Silverado's transformation by altering the suspension, interior, and making the truck insanely loud. Looking inside the extended cab's door, you'll notice the absence of any backseats, because Joe and his crew at Audio Innovations removed it and replaced it with a host of MTX amps and subs. Calling the back of the Chevy home now are two MTX 5302 amps for the Eclipse 6x9-inch speakers in each door, and two MTX 81001 monster amps for the three 15-inch MTX 8500 bass pounders. The blow-through box allows plenty of airspace for the subs, and gave Audio Innovations some flexibility in box designs. The amps are mounted in a lava-flowing-like mass of fiberglass that has been sanded and painted.

A Kenwood DVD in-dash head unit makes sure the speakers and the two 7-inch monitors in the fiberglass and ostrich leather headliner receive their appropriate signals. The headliner matches the Chevy seats that were recovered in black ostrich leather. Finishing off the system, Audio Innovations wrapped the entire bed in black leather, built a cool Bow Tie logo in the bed floor, and installed a 17-inch flip down in the underside of the Snug Top tonneau. Taking things to the extreme, a hole was cut into the rear bed floor to accommodate an ice chest filled with cold beverages. A Lifeline battery was also placed under the bed to keep the juices flowing. Once completed, Audio Innovations tried out the system in the shop, only to go temporarily deaf because of the excessive volume. Mission one accomplished.