Bragging rights is a common theme among custom-truck enthusiasts. Whether it's who has the lowest truck, or the nicest paint, or even which truck can go down the track the quickest, everyone loves a good trash talkin' now and then. Built to showcase how custom a Chevy Silverado can look with off-the-shelf parts, Godfather Customs in Decatur, Georgia, stepped up and created a truck, appropriately named Silverod. Why is this a befitting name for a Chevy truck? Because under the hood is all hot rod. Bragging rights included.

With a power-to-weight ratio of 6.26:1, the Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 is one of the world's most exciting super cars. Designed to go fast, handle well, stop on a dime, and perform like a race car, the ZO6 served as inspiration for Godfather Customs' latest venture. Giving a Corvette a quick lesson in physics, this 4,453-pound Silverado, with an amazing 6.36:1 power-to-weight ratio, is as fast as it is good-looking. All of that power comes from a LS7 Corvette engine, which was purchased from Year One, mated to a Street and Performance X15R six-speed automatic transmission. The crew of Godfather Customs left Decatur to Mena, Arkansas, home of Street and Performance for the high-performance engine swap.

While there, the Street and Performance team disassembled the new LS7, smoothed and painted the block, chrome-plated the mounting brackets, and polished the pulleys. Dynatek long tube headers were polished and bolted on, then the exhaust was connected to Gibson mufflers. Looking awesome inside the Silverado's engine bay, the LS7 received the modification of every Corvette owner's dreams: a ProCharger centrifugal supercharger.