The amps and sub are lo- cated in a godfather's custom-built enclosure under the bed floor. A push of a button on the key-fob motorizes the bed floor forward, revealing the audio equipment. Inside, the mids and separates are juiced by a Kenwood kFC-X1710 amp. A 17-inch Directed monitor was in- stalled for visual entertainment. A viper gPS tracking unit was installed, along with a viper SSt alarm. All of the audio components were linked to one another by Singer wire and connectors from Amp of America.

Hal's HHR Panel gives us a taste of a shop hauler from the past, blended with current, cool custom components and styling to create a parts chaser of today.

Truckin' magazine and godfather Customs would like to give a special thanks to our friend, milton Robson, for allowing us to use his wonderful indoor photo location. Also, thanks to the entire godfather Customs crew for their dedication to this project.