Driving this Hummer H2, you'll never hear the words "Ah honey, look it's such a pretty blue." Nope, no pansy comments, no wondering what kind of wheels those are, or even worse, if it comes with Hawaiian seat covers. Things you will hear while commanding this H2 sound more like, "Holy @!# look at that thing!" or "Where is that roar coming from?" That's because Jim Lewis of Pro Motorsports in Kansas City, Kansas, knows how to build trucks that make other people ooh and aah. Simple, yet very effective, it took four weeks to turn a stock '08 Hummer into a ride the Governator would be proud to drive.

Starting with a platform that received serious upgrades from the factory, the '08 Hummer H2 came equipped with the 393hp 6.2L V-8, six-speed automatic transmission, and updated front fascia. Taking things up a notch from there, Jim delivered the H2 to House of Boost in Kansas City, Kansas, where they installed a ProCharger supercharger. Producing 8 psi of boost, the blower helps create more than 550 hp to the 4WD system. Tuned by the pros at House of Boost, the intercooled system is completely street-worthy for a daily driver, and it's perfect for blasting down the highway. Aiding in that power output, a Corsa after-cat exhaust system was installed providing some serious rumble.