Where it lacks on the ET (elapsed time), this truck makes up for in DB (decibles). This truck touts an in-credible 4,080 watts of Eclipse XA series amplifiers. Also, the sound spectrum control in this truck uses four stages of frequency separation with an Eclipse's SC series component speaker system that divides the highs and mids over three seperate drivers. This is reminiscent of '80s thinking, when people used a mid-bass coupler to reduce the huge gap between mid and bass frequencies. This system cranks and it's as clean as they come. And yes, it might mean your dedicated Class D amps will need to be accompanied by the addition of an amp of equal or lesser power. But once you hear the difference, any audio enthusiast will find it's worth it.

Pushed out through an AVN 52D Eclipse head unit, the low impedance audio signal is driven to four 840 watts, each XA4000 and two XA2000 amplifiers that pump out more than 4,000 watts. Two sets of SC series component speakers, and four Eclipse SW7200 12-inch subs were fitted in a scratch-built blow-through enclosure, built by Sean Baumiester of Sound Decision.

When the sound's cranked up, the hair on your head stands straight up. That's one sick sound system.