At first glance, you have flashbacks to `93 when triple-axle minis ran rampant, checker-paint schemes were in, and if your truck had 15s, you were the top dog. Only, it's not '93 and this Isuzu is too clean to be from that era. No, this truck belongs to a man whose vision went extreme. Steve Francis of Montgomery, Texas, is the proud owner of a truck he describes as "a truck that stands out." We agree with Steve, and think a body-dropped Isuzu with eight wheels is pretty cool.

Beginning the project three years ago, Steve set out to build something different that could help represent his detailing company. Starting with the chassis mods, Fresh Rydes in Spring, Texas, added 2-inch Chassis Tech lowering springs, Rocky Fox built custom upper control arms, and Slam Specialties airbags were bolted in. A fully boxed custom 4-inch narrowed frame was welded to the chassis, under the cab to accommodate the coup de gras, six 18-inch wheels in the rear. Each rear axle is two-linked with Panhard bars. Each axle also received its own Toxic shocks and two of the axles were suspended by Slam Specialties airbags. The rear frame and suspension setup was built by Rocky Fox, as well as the modified driveshaft. Eighteen-inch Boss wheels were wrapped in 225/40R18 tires, and when Steve left the wheel shop, he had two complete sets in his possession.

Powering the Isuzu is a small-block Chevy 350ci V-8, which was assembled by Jessi's Automotive. Block-hugger headers fit the en-gine easier, and the 700-R4 trans-mission has no problem turning the six rear wheels. The engine's block was painted and many bolt-on items were ordered in chrome. Finishing off the en-gine bay, the entire firewall was shaved.