Creating a really unique look, Word of Mouth Customs, who performed the bodywork, also suicided the doors and cut a hole in the roof for a sliding ragtop. Moving to the bed, the sides and tops were extended to 11 feet to accommodate the triple rear axles. A 42-inch LED on top of the roll pan acts as a brake light and the license-plate box was angled to complete the old-school look. Kenny Fitzsimmons of Word of Mouth Customs applied the Tangerine Pearl paint, until Steve smiled ear to ear. Inside the suicide doors is just as custom.

You may have noticed the crazy body of the '89 Isuzu. Yes, the truck is 19 years old, even though most of the front end parts are from a donor '95 truck. Steve tore the truck apart and performed the 3-inch body-drop himself. Then decided, once he was piecing it back together, to update the truck's look. First off, he bolted on a set of Amigo fenders, added a '95 Rodeo chrome grille, Rodeo bumpers, and headlights. Other body mods included shaving the door handles, wiper cowl, body lines, and tailgate.

A shaved dash was wrapped in bone suede, matching the bone suede and tangerine vinyl-wrapped seats. Each door panel was also wrapped to match. Mark's Custom Upholstery handled the interior.

Steve succeeded in creating something different. His truck stands out in a crowd of cus-toms as one of the wildest, yet cleanest trucks at any show.