The bodywork on the truck was also handled by Pro Design, where Christian DeSilva and Mike Fillion kept Chuck's goal of a vintage-looking cruiser in mind. As per Chuck's instructions, a few subtle changes were made to the truck, but nothing radical: cowl vents were sealed, stake pockets were filled, the tailgate chains were replaced by a latch, and the stock radio position was moved on the dash. The team also took on the task of building an audio system, as Clarion components were stashed throughout the cab. A shallow-mount sub was located in an MDF box behind the front seat, along with its amp. The Clarion head unit was installed under the seat, with the controls for both the stereo and air conditioning mounted behind the glovebox door to maintain a classic appearance. Bill's Auto Upholstery in Brea, California, took over from there, as black carpet and black and graphite leather were wrapped on the seats, door panels, and dash.

Starside Design in Fontana, California, is responsible for the House of Kolor candy-apple red paint that is nothing short of amazing. The smooth, deep finish extends across every curve of the body and into the bed, as well. Doug Starbuck shot the red candy over a silver base, and while these photos do a good job to capture its luster, it's a sight that has to be seen in person to truly grasp its depth. More than anything else, the paintjob sets the vintage tone of the truck with a look that any painter would be proud to claim as their own.

By keeping the modifications to a minimum, Chuck kept the lines of his F-100, inside and out. By updating the areas that have benefited most from 50 years of innovation, he's made a great compromise. Now, his truck has enough power to be fun, the suspension and brakes to take advantage of it, and a classic look.