As a kid, Ronny Young from Wylie, Texas, always saw a guy cruising the boulevard in a '59 El Camino. Its unique horizontal rear fins, cat-eye taillights, and contour/convex body lines made it look like something out of a Buck Rogers or Captain Marvel comic strip. That finned image was forever embedded in Ronny's temporal lobe. While his growing attraction to cool, fast cars became more prevalent, he was hooked. During his high school years, he began twistin' wrenches and spinnin' tires off his teenage hot rods. He was a compulsive speed freak transforming into a drag-racing addict, back when drag racing was fun and affordable during the '70s. He worked at Chaparral Trailers during the week and raced on the weekends. He began piloting funny cars for different race teams, including Gary Sharpe and Raymond Beatle, to name a couple. He finally hung up his helmet following a furious fire at 280 mph driving the Wizard funny car 2000. In 1994 Ronny began his own business, Performax Trailers in Wylie and the company has evolved into constructing enclosed trailers (semi, stacker, gooseneck, fifth wheel, and tagalong).

After discovering a '59 El Co, Ronny flashed back to his childhood dream machine rolling down the boulevard. His current visionary mind captured the El Co's fins laying low in pro-street trim.

The El Camino was built at Performax Trailers by Ronny and friends, Darrall Howard and Aaron Morrow. Its factory sub-frame was modified and reenforced to handle 425 hp. The front end was dropped by installing a pair of 2-inch drop spindles and shorter springs. The rear end was lowered with shorter progressive coil springs, the '59-'60 fullsize cars and El Caminos were suspended with coilover springs up front and trailing arms and coilover springs in the rear. The Air Ride Technologies pneumatic springs allow the ride height to be lowered or raised by the push of a button. The El Co rolls on a set of American Torque Thrust II polished aluminum wheels, sized 15x7 inches in the front and 15x15 inches rear, which are consumed in 225/40R15 front and 31x16.5x15 baloneys in the rear.