At first glance, you may think your eyes are playing tricks on you. Besides, there is no way someone would add an extra set of dualie wheels, an extra axle, do all the extra bodywork, and create an extra frame for a tow rig, right? Wrong. Amir Rosenbaum of Ontario, California, not only did do all of those things, he also uses his '04 Chevy tow rig to push his Ferrari F40 Bonneville Salt Flat race car. If you're intrigued, you should be, as this is one of the coolest trucks on the planet.

Meeting with chassis and frame guru Aaron Iha, of Chassis By Aaron in Covina, California, Amir expressed his interest in building a truck that was completely radical, yet functional, and still subtle and clean. If that scenario sounds impossible, it's not. Aaron proved it by taking a year to create a truck that stops traffic. Starting with an '04 Chevy Crew Cab 3500 dualie, the team at Chassis by Aaron tore the truck down to the frame. Looking at the front suspension, it's pretty basic with one-off upper and lower control arms, QA1 shocks, and Firestone 26C airbags.

Each piece of the suspension was powdercoated black to ensure everything stayed rust-free. Moving to the rear, Aaron and Amir had a wild idea. Amir wanted a double dualie, meaning he wanted a setup identical to a big-rig only he wanted it equipped on a 1-ton truck. Oh, and he also wanted it to lay frame on all eight wheels, and it had to be functional. Aaron didn't see this as a problem and he immediately went to work.