Once both parties were happy, Buck Ramirez and his crew went to work making the body straight as an arrow; because when a truck is this long and big, the smallest imperfection is noticeable. Not to worry, this truck doesn't have any flaws. Buck then went to work applying the House of Kolor custom-mixed red to the upper portion of the truck and a pewter to the bottom half. The end result is a clean and elegant two-tone that still looks sinister with eight rear wheels. What powers those eight wheels might surprise you.

Under the cowl hood lies a gas-powered 8.1L big-block V-8. No diesel here. Amir is the owner of Spectre Performance, which specializes in air intakes, tubing, and filters. Wanting to go fast -after all, the truck is a Bonneville pusher truck-Amir added some performance bolt-ons. Helping the big 8.1L breathe is a Paxton NOVI 1200 supercharger. Sending the air to the blower is a wild intake. Seeing that intakes and filters are Spectres bread and butter, Amir went big on his personal truck. Three conical high-flow filters are connected into one large intake tube that feeds the supercharger.

Mounted to a custom intake plenum, the filters also receive fresh, cool air from the cowl hood that seals to the plenum, thanks to weatherstripping. Keeping all of the boost and air supply happy is a custom tune from Spectre's own eMS programming system. Cooling down the intake charge is a Fluidyne intercooler, which can be seen through the front bumper. Meanwhile, a custom MagnaFlow exhaust provides the rumble. The double dualie was now in a real league of its own, but we all know this tale can't end without a killer interior.