Nothing says custom like cutting a frame in half, and with torch in hand, the entire back-half of the dualie was removed. On went a boxed subframe, which was extended to add room for the extra axle. Two sets of heavy-duty axles were ordered and shortened to spec, then the guys at Chassis by Aaron created two identical four-link suspension setups for each axle. Enabling the suspension travel are four QA1 shocks and four Firestone 26C airbags. A USA 6x6 transfer case was installed, which enables all eight rear wheels to power the Chevy. Each axle receives power from a one-off driveshaft incorporating CV joints.

Fabbed into the rear frame and suspension, a fifth wheel hitch was also installed for goose-neck towing. In the very rear of the frame lies a huge 40-gallon aluminum fuel cell. Providing access to the rear suspension and drive axles, Aaron also built a four-link setup for the bed, which allows it to tilt via two airbags. After the stainless steel brake lines were measured, everything was removed and powdercoated black or silver, with each axle receiving red powdercoating. Finishing off the slammed look are 22x10-inch Brentz billet wheels with Toyo Proxes tires sized 305/45R22. Slammed on the ground, the crew at Chassis by Aaron knew they had something special.

Attempts to piece together the rear bed sides proved futile, so one-piece fiberglass bed sides were created to give the double dualie a truly unique look. Before taking it to be painted, Aaron hand stamped a front bumper with a cutout for the planned intercooler and the look perfectly matches the idea of a pusher truck. Completing the front end, a steel cowl hood was bolted on, then out back a roll pan was also welded in and the tailgate handle was shaved. Delivering the Chevy to Buck Wild Designs in West Covina, California, Aaron discussed several paint options.