The SRT-10 competition leather interior was left bone stock. The rear seat was raised 4 inches to allow ample clearance for the two 12-inch subwoofers hidden underneath.

The factory head unit was fine-tuned by a Rockford Fosgate 360 equalizer. An Orion 8004 amplifier powers the 6.5-inch mids and highs speakers. Tim Wepprecht at Audiotronics in Apple Valley, California, constructed two custom subwoofer enclosures from wood and fiberglass. A pair of Orion 1200D amplifiers power the two Orion subwoofers. All of the audio components were wired by Jesse Morales of Apple Valley.

Salvador has to restrain his right foot from those impulsive desires to hammer the loud-pedal from time-to-time. After being rewarded with three speeding tickets, Salvador is on a first-name basis with the local authorities.