We have all heard the term frame-off used to describe a classic truck that was restored, or a late-model that was completely torn apart to build an insane show truck. When visiting shows, we love to see both sides of the spectrum, but Alan Beers' frame-off '90 454SS falls right in the middle. If you took a look at the truck from a few yards away, nothing appears out of the ordinary. It looks like a brand-new truck, coated in a gorgeous, deep black paintjob, which is certainly out of the ordinary for an 18-year-old truck; but it's the details on this truck that truly make it special. Alan purchased this '90 454SS via the internet, sight unseen. It had only 11,000 original miles on it, but had been sitting for two years, so it needed a lot of "refreshing," as Alan put it. Rather than go at the truck a bit at a time, Alan decided to go all out and pull the body of the truck off and address everything.

Jason and Jim Smith at the Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, took on all of the underhood details-an area where this truck really shines. They built the new inner fender panels, which bear painted 454SS logos, and are as smooth as the exterior paint. The 454ci V-8 is stock internally, but an Edelbrock intake and Hooker headers allow for much better breathing through the stock heads, and an electric fan helps reduce parasitic loss. The real secret to opening up the engine was a custom tune by Ed Wright Automotive in Tulsa, where a lot of hidden horsepower was unleashed. Now, the truck puts out 375 hp and much more torque, but it's just as fun to look at as it is to rev up. The guys at Hot Rod Garage were also responsible for the custom radiator hoses, chromed GM Performance Parts valve covers, polished Edelbrock intake, and the Vintage Air Front Runner accessory drive system, all of which have helped Alan to win Best Engine honors at shows.