The final stop was at Devious Customs in Riverside, California, where the truck's unique four-wheel independent suspension proved to be no match for Jeff Davy and his crew. Since the Sport Trac doesn't have the legions of faithful customizers like F-150s do, an off-the-shelf airbag kit wasn't an option. Instead, Air Lift's extensive product line was tapped to get the right stance for the truck. Out went the truck's four coilovers and in their place went Air Lift's AirOver 'bag and shock combination. In place of the factory wheels, CGS went with 22-inch Devious wheels and Pirelli Scorpion rubber, 265/45R22 in the front and 305/40R22 in the rear. With a 5-gallon tank and compressor stashed under the bed and a programmable ride height control in the cab, the Sport Trac was ready to lay its frame.

Since the truck was built by CGS, it wouldn't be complete without an exhaust system. Now the 4.6L V-8 breathes through a 3-inch exhaust system. You have to love a midsize truck with plenty of V-8 rumble.

We've gained a new respect for Explorer Sport Tracs after laying eyes on this truck at SEMA. It fit perfectly with the trend of simple, well-built vehicles that we've been leaning towards lately. Let this be a lesson to everyone to see the potential in vehicles that lie just outside of the norm.