Under the hood, we discovered a Ford 460ci big-block bored 0.040 inch over with Sealed Power pistons and rings and Ford Racing aluminum cylinder heads. A Comp Cam with 262/275 duration and .515/.520 lift, was carefully inserted into the cam bores to create a stronger heartbeat. Then, a couple of Steve's buddies, Pete Bland and Brett McDougal, installed and plumbed the Weiand tunnel ram with a port fuel injection EFI system, which delivered the fuel to the appropriate cylinder head intake ports. A massive K&N air cleaner filters any impurities from the air before it is inhaled by the Weiand intake system. An 8-quart Ford Racing oil pan supplies ample oil that is distributed by a Ford Racing oil pump. A polished '75 Ford C6 automatic transmission with a TCI 2,800rpm stall speed converter was backed up to the healthy 460ci big-block. A Lokar gear selector was stabbed into the C6 trans to ensure smooth consistent shifts.

Rex Hasch of Hasch Body Shop in Bryan, Ohio, is responsible for the flawless paint. The secret to achieving the award-winning paintjob was all in the body preparation. When building a nostalgic custom pickup, it is very important to pay close attention to detail. Check out how the windshield and large rear window were installed flush to the body skin, creating a clean and smooth transitional appearance. Rex chopped the top 1-1/2 inches, pancaked the hood, and frenched the front and rear bumpers.

Other awesome body mods include rounded lower door corners, a widened double-walled bed, a curved tailgate, fenderwell opening moldings that carried into the running boards, and 2-inch widened rear fenders. The side window wings were removed and replaced with one-piece side glass for a more modern appeal. Rex used DuPont Red and blended his own color additives to personalize the basecoat, which was color-sanded, then buried in multiple coats of clear. Many hours of cutting, buffing, and polishing delivered the incredibly deep, rich red color. Lexan bed-floor planks were separated by polished stainless steel stringers. The see-through floor showcases the rear framerails, stainless steel exhaust, Winters rearend, and detailed suspension.