Sedan deliveries and panel trucks were a staple of small businesses in the past, because they had plenty of utility with their wide-open cargo area and huge metal panels perfect for pinstriping a business name on the side. Today, at least in America, there are very few choices when it comes to panel trucks, which is why Larry Seabert decided to do something different with his '87 S-10 extended cab. Larry owns Tech-Ni-Kolor Autocrafters in Dwight, Illinois, and his V-8 powered S-10 had served him well as a daily driver and shop truck, but it didn't turn heads like it could if he put some of his metalworking talent into it.

To create the sedan delivery/panel wagon look, Larry called upon Phil Becker, one of his employees at Tech-Ni-Kolor, to help with the major modifications. The two welded the bed to the cab and used the roof sections from two S-10 Blazers to span the gap across the top. The Blazer donors also provided the rear corners for the panel, which determined the shape of the 20-gauge sheetmetal that Larry added where the Blazer's rear side glass would have been. A Blazer tailgate, shaved of course, and lift glass, were used to seal off the rear before Cadillac taillights were frenched into the bed. Larry also went the extra mile by adding an '06 Colorado front clip to the S-10 by sectioning the S-10 fenders and splicing in Colorado fenders. The S-10 wheel arches stayed, and so did the fender mounts on the cowl, but the rest is all Colorado. From there, the Colorado core support bolted in and made the grille and headlight swap simple. A Street Scene SS-styled bumper cover and grille and bumper inserts completed the nose of the truck and was the last of the easy work.

The hood required some creativity, as the Colorado hinges were reworked to fit the S-10 cowl. Looking back, Larry would have gone with an easier route, considering just how much the hinges had to be altered to work properly. Still not satisfied with the extensive modifications, Larry used a set of Hagan hinges to suicide the doors after he shaved the handles.