Under the hood, we found a '95 Ford 302ci EFI V-8 crate engine from Ford Racing Performance Parts that produces 325 hp and is backed up to a T-10 five-speed manual transmission. Next, The driveshaft was shortened to link the T-10 transmission to the Currie-built Ford 9-inch rear end. Then, the battery mounting bracket was located onto the right rear framerail, situated behind the right rear tire. A pair of Jet Hot-coated, Sanderson shorty headers were modified to hook up to the 1/2-inch stainless steel exhaust that flows into a pair of Stainless Specialties oval direct-flow mufflers. Meanwhile, a custom-built 18-gallon fuel tank was mounted behind the rear axle and between the framerails.

The '50 Ford F-1 cab roof was pancaked 3 inches, then chopped 2-3/4 inches, while the hood was pie-cut 3 inches to achieve a more aerodynamic package. Due to pie-cutting the hood, the front nostrils had to be reshaped with a lower profile. The narrower hood nostrils and hood sides called for a new set of scaled-down molding trim and a Ford font size that was all hand fabricated from brass by Jeff, then sent out to be chrome-plated. Now, the custom-made front bumper fits tightly to the convex radius of the front valance, while the custom rear bumper fits underneath the tailgate. Following that, the cab, fenders, hood, bed, and tailgate were all prepped, sanded, and block-sanded to acquire a perfectly straight and smooth surface before painting.

An award-winning paint scheme is due to all of the prep work. The flawless paint comes from BASF Glasurit "Colors of the Parrot." Chrome Yellow was sprayed as the basecoat, then color-sanded and cleared with multiple coats of BASF Glasurit 923-109 clear. Meanwhile, a pair of '36 Ford taillights warn folks of Bill's intentions. A flawless bed floor was constructed by Spanish red oak planks that were tinted to the perfect shade, then separated by stainless steel stringers. A custom-made tonneau cover was designed to fit inside the bedrails, then covered with matching German baseball glove tan leather.