While at Lucky's, the truck received traditional flames with not-so-traditional airbrushed skulls inside each lick. Sinister skulls adorn the truck with several nude ladies making appearances inside the flames. Other body mods include a Trenz billet grille and shaved tailgate handle by Lucky. The truck was now looking the part, but still lacked the real jaw-dropping ability Randy was going for. Cardenal Car Stereo, in Glendale, Arizona, had just what he needed.

Cardenal Car Stereo proceeded to gut the Chevy interior, by removing the door panels, headliner, back cab wall, and pillars. In its place, Cardenal made custom fiberglass door panels housing MB Quart mids and highs and a 10-inch monitor. Women and a sea of skulls were airbrushed onto the door panels by Lucky and Danny Livingston. More mids and highs were mounted into custom kick panels that were also smoothed and painted. The headliner was handmade out of fiberglass, where Lucky and his crew stepped in and airbrushed a wild scene of skulls and women. Each pillar was replaced with a fiberglassed counterpart and most were also painted with scenes of skulls and women-but the theme doesn't stop there.

The center console was removed and a new wood and fiberglass piece was built. Housed within the first console is the Clarion JoyRide computer and navigation, Audio Control unit, PPI equalizer, and relocated HVAC controls. More women were airbrushed onto this, as well. Moving on to the rear portion of the center console, a wild spine-like structure was built and houses one JL Audio 10W7 sub with-you guessed it-more airbrushed women and skulls. Sonic explosions are heard coming from the cab, thanks to the three JL Audio 13W7 subs in the blow-through box. Incredibly loud and low bass can be heard from such distances away from the truck; we thought it might have been a bomb exploding. Powering all of this insane audio, Cardenal mounted six PPI amps to a motorized rack that lifts vertically, thanks to actuators built inline with the tonneau cover. Even those amps received flames from Lucky's Custom Paint.

Keeping juice supplied to these amps, six Exide Orbital batteries send voltage to one huge Wrangler alternator. Cardenal meant serious business with this audio system, and hearing it in person blows your mind. Dash modifications included cutting the center portion out and installing a 10-inch screen where the radio once resided, making a custom bottom portion of the dash that holds the Clarion Sirius satellite radio module, placing a PlayStation 2 in the passenger side airbag compartment, and the addition of a Trenz solid billet wheel. All of these awesome modifications to the truck didn't make the truck any faster, however, so it was decided to give the Chevy some extra ponies.