Looking at this lifted Chevy HD, you may think, oh another lifted fullsize with flames. Well, you'd be partly right, but the magic lies inside those doors. Fiberglassed door panels, headliner, sub enclosures, and a painted dash are just some of the insane modifications made to this truck. However, if you look too closely, you may feel a little uncomfortable-as the airbrush work is both provocative and from another realm. This truck holds nothing back, which is a big reason why we like it so much.

Forced Induction Tuning in Phoenix is a shop where horsepower comes easily, so the Chevy was dropped off and the hood was popped. Deciding on making big power gains, the 8.1L big-block received a Paxton supercharger, then after a pulley swap, the Chevy was inhaling 12 psi of boost. GM marine fuel injectors ensure there is no detonation, and after a quick tune, the Silverado was lighting up the rear tires. It didn't stop there, though, as JBA ceramic-coated headers, plug wires, and the 3-1/2-inch exhaust was bent up and installed. Finally, new 4.56 gears in the front and rear diffs gave the Chevy a whole new life when running from stoplight to stoplight.

Randy now had a truck that was sinister looking, louder than loud, and fast enough to surprise any unassuming sports cars in the other lane. It took several talented people to make this truck, and Randy would like to thank Insane Kustoms, Cardenal Car Stereo, Lucky Luciano Custom Paint, Forced Induction Tuning, and his family.