The stock GMC dash bezel features painted pieces with two skulls airbrushed by Attitude Airbrushing. Other cool features of the interior are the US Speedo gauges, a triple A-pillar pod from Auto Meter was stuffed with Auto Meter boost, fuel pressure, and air/fuel ratio gauges, and the two-tone leather and suede seat covers from Katzkin.

The initial build only took six weeks, with minor touch-ups and mods happening after it debuted at the Springfield Jamboree. One e-mail lead to one face-to-face meeting, which lead to one flight, capping off one cover photo shoot. Dave was quick to thank his wife Anne for her understanding, little Madisyn for playing monster trucks with him on the coffee table, his brother Brian for working hard to make this dream come true, and all of the companies involved that supported the build. It's determination and passion that drives Dave, and it's this kind of resilience that will keep the world of custom trucks alive for a whole new generation.

Editor's Note:
Special thanks to Brian for his detonation skills, Dave for asking "Hey do you want to blow stuff up for the cover?" and to the Sangamon County Sheriff Department for being so cool when it came time to explode things.