Mopar fans in the '60s might have been perfectly happy to prowl the streets in a stripped interior-devoid of any accessories that might add a few ticks to a drag strip run-but this is now, and this Ram packs some luxury too. Katzkin leather seats bring some Hemi orange inside, and Woodview Products satin nickel dash and door trim breaks up what would have been gray monotony. In case road noise isn't your thing, Quiet Ride Solutions insulated the cab.

But don't worry, if you want to hear the Corsa exhaust, either crack the window or mash the gas pedal. If, for some reason, you don't want to listen to a blown Hemi, there's a Sony sub and Sony amps located behind the seats with Sony separates in the doors. A Sony XAV-W1 double-din A/V center with a Sony 7-inch touch-screen display mounted in the dash serves as the control center.

When the dust settled from the construction of the newest Mr. Norm's creation, the final tally was impressive: around 500 hp, a look and sound that is unmistakably Mopar, and an interior that makes time fly by while waiting for your next dragstrip opponent. Mr. Norm would certainly be proud.