Since the truck was sitting around in pieces already, Bobby figured this was an ideal time to go crazy powdercoating it. The frame was at the top of the list to be coated, then once it and the other parts were done baking, the reassembly extravaganza was about to kick off. Of course, this wouldn't be the final assembly, because Bobby still needed to lay down some fresh paint. He looked no further than his friends at Image Collision to wield the spray gun. As you can tell, Bobby didn't half-step during the truck's suspension and exterior work, so there was no way he was going to fall off while cleaning up the cockpit.

Nothing too crazy was planned for the interior; a well-executed, sanitary appearance was the main objective. The Kicker audio system turned out to be the highlight inside of the cab, as all necessary speakers were loaded into the custom center console and speaker pods. A-Plus Upholstery was called upon to wrap and sew the Civic buckets, consoles, and panels in black leather and suede. If that interior isn't impressive enough for you, take a look at the black Bentley carpet that has been added for a touch of class and sophistication.

It is fairly obvious that Bobby didn't have the willpower to keep this Toyota project within the realm of reason. Not to say that completely disassembling your truck twice is crazy; it's simply a behavioral trait that most minitruckers carry. There is nothing wrong with transforming a decent and reliable daily driver into a full-blown show truck-especially if you can do it for under 15-large.