There is no mistaking a truck with a paintjob even Sunkist would envy. Jos Salcedo told us that this '01 Chevy Silverado is his 'normal' daily driver. Here in California, it isn't all too common to see a 'bagged, bright-orange truck mobbing down the street; but everything is said to be bigger in Texas, so that must explain it.

Jos was lucky enough to purchase the truck during its slightly used and downright plain stage in life. For a nominal $5,000 investment, Jos was able to park what would later become his main squeeze inside the confines of his own garage. Within a three-month period, the Silverado took on a fresh identity that would leave it unrecognizable to anyone who had taken a cruise in it before. We hope the previous owner will crack open this issue and witness what could've and should've been.

Laying the truck on the hot, Lone Star State pavement was one of Jos's top priorities and the fellas at Ekstensive Metalworks, in Houston, were ready to rip into the Silverado's chassis. KYB shocks, Firestone 24c 'bags, and Ekstensive's own 'bag kits were bolted and welded to all four corners. Belltech drop spindles help bring the Chevy down to a lower altitude up front, while the rear sports an Ekstensive two-link setup and a step-notch for needed clearance. The air system was plumbed with four GC 450 valves, hooked up to two Thomas compressors, and a 7-gallon air tank. The tranny crossmember was relocated and the gas tank was moved up 2 inches, which was definitely a wise decision, since this truck was built to throw sparks on a daily basis.

The exterior of Jos's Vitamin C inspired hauler deserves a lot of respect and admiration. You may be asking why a truck with moderate modifications or add-ons is so deserving of praise. The beauty is found in the truck's simplicity-a touch of billet and chrome, a molded roll pan, a color-matched tonneau cover, and shaved handles are all it takes to add just the right amount of custom styling to any truck. The PPG Oh So Orange paint was applied by South Coast Customs in Houston, and really makes the Chevy stand out. HID lighting was also installed to guarantee that the truck is easily seen, no matter what time of day it's caught cruising down the boulevards.