Moving from the interior to the bed, all highway essentials are in place. Since the truck is driven about 4,000 miles a year, the bed holds a 20-inch KMC/Toyo spare that has been inset 8 inches into the oak floor. The floor jack and jackstands occupy the forward storage compartment, sharing space with the pair of Optima YellowTop batteries and the second Metra 2-Farad capacitor for the stereo. Twin ZEX nitrous bottles, color-coordinated with the 'SS' logo, flank the spare.

Under the hood, the 5.0L V-8 may not strike fear into the local Corvette community, but it is quick enough to outrun the cares of the day. Equipped with a K&N filter, Hooker headers, and Flowmaster mufflers, the engine has a throaty rumble- strong enough to tempt you to run with windows down and stereo off. Arm the ZEX 50-shot nitrous system and touch the dash-mounted control to open the Quick Time Performance electric cutouts, and you'll get a little sense of NASCAR flavor, as you blast into the local 7-11.

Wrapping up the changes, the exterior is covered in DuPont's Hot Hues Copper Pearl Metallic and Black, sprayed by Art by Solo in Clermont, Florida. Prior to paint, Solo and his crew added the multiple body modifications, making this Super Stepside distinctive from the other S/S kits in the world. The wide hips on the truck were accented with subtle graphics that call attention to the flowing curves. Realistic flames (one of Solo's trademarks), highlight the area between the taillights, the sport side mirrors, hoodscoop, and nitrous bottles. The truck runs KMC SS wheels, 20s up front and the spare, with 24s in the rear. Meanwhile, Toyo Proxes rubber, 255/40R20 and 295/30R24, add style and traction.

While the truck looks good in daylight, during nighttime shows it takes on a new personality. StreetGlow lighting is everywhere, with a multiple-colored underbody neon kit, wheel lights, side lights, and rear brake light. The interior and bed use a combination of EL Wires and LED lighting strips in blue and orange. A six-light strobe kit is the final eye-catcher. One word of warning: the completed truck has been great fun, but should not be considered by anyone in the witness protection program. It always draws a crowd!