Out of the mold, the Super Stepside body is already fairly radical, but this one goes a step further. Built in 2003, these are the first photos of the truck after its latest customizing phase. During the makeover, the bedrails were raised 3 inches at the rear to emphasize the truck's wide hips and 24-inch rear wheels. Wings were created on either side of the cab, which flow from the rear window downward into the bedrails, then end with the aerodynamic Turbo Tail wing that's attached to the retractable tonneau cover from Pace-Edwards. At the touch of a button, the BedLocker tonneau rolls into its canister, taking the wing with it. Malibu headlights up front and the original Caprice taillight buckets, which were fitted behind the Corvette-style holes designed into the kit, illuminate both ends.

While hauling was a primary consideration, modern pickups are now as much of a fashion statement and entertainment center as they are transportation. Inside the Super Stepside, the new two-seat interior boasts a long list of entertainment options, beginning with the combination Blaupunkt/Metra audio-visual system, thanks to the talents of electronics Guru, Mike Ohren in Jacksonville, Florida. Mike began the system with the new center console that holds the Blaupunkt Chicago flip face CD/DVD player, Travel Pilot Navigation, multiple lighting switches, and relocated heating and air-conditioning controls. A little further down, you'll see the button for the air horn, StreetGlow neon controls, and Metra 2-Farad capacitor. The screen for the Sirius satellite radio is in the center armrest, along with the controls for the power windows, ZEX lighted purge valves, and flame throwers. Lots of music options are available, thanks to the 10-CD player in the glovebox. The system is powered by the twin Blaupunkt amplifiers, located behind the black leather and tweed Honda bucket seats. The amps energize 14 speakers, positioned throughout the cab with 10-inch subs in the doors and behind the seats; separated component sets in the doors and door pillars, and separate tweets in fiberglass enclosures on the dash. Overhead, 7-1/2-inch Blaupunkt monitors in the sun visors play DVDs or connect to the Accele rearview camera that also automatically activates when the transmission is in Reverse. StreetGlow lighting, in shades of orange and blue, outlines the components and shines brightly at night. Also in blue, the Dakota Digital dash keeps track of under-hood activity, while the Dakota Digital automatic ride control, above the rear view mirror, monitors the air suspension.

The truck gets its adjustable altitude from a combination of 2600-pound Firestone 'bags in front and 2500s in the rear, two Viair 450C air compressors, and 3/8-inch SMC valves connected to a pair of 3-1/2-gallon reserve tanks. Frank Carralero and the experts at Reds Hydraulics in Miami installed the system. They also performed wiring in the Dakota Digital automatic ride control, which monitors the system and brings the truck to proper ride height whenever the ignition key is turned on.