Here in the Southwest, there are plenty of 'bagged and static-dropped trucks cruising the highways and crawling over the speed bumps and dips that litter the surface streets. One must learn to drive all over again. Finding detours around the sometimes off-road like terrain of local roads becomes second nature. John Reyes from Cedar Creek, Texas, knows this firsthand, as he has been rolling in his '93 Chevy C1500 for quite some time now, slowly preparing his truck for its highly anticipated closeup. There was no hurry for John to hastily throw his truck together-he is a man of great patience and getting the truck right the first time was a top priority.

Those of us who whip around town in lowered trucks on a daily basis can take a little advice from John and the genius that is the Beastie Boys. Yup, The Beasties knew exactly what they were talking about when they penned their timeless lyrics, "Let it flow, let yourself go. Slow and low, that is the tempo." Let us look no further than those wise words for inspiration while we take our time introducing our trucks to the sunbaked pavement.

In order to cozy up a little closer to the road, John handed over his C1500 to Rods By Rod Customs in Cedar Creek to take care of the suspension work. Up front, a set of Belltech spindles provide a secure 2-inch drop, while the factory coils were tossed aside for a helping of Slam Specialties airbags. The song remains the same in the rear, as another pair of Slam Specialties 'bags have found a new home underneath the now slammed Chevy. The rear also features a two-link setup and a Panhard bar to keep the rear axle exactly where it should be while hitting the street corners. Nitrogen charged Toxic shocks have been bolted onto each corner for additional ride quality, but let's face it-half the fun of driving a severely lowered truck is feeling the stinging sensation from hitting every one of those godless little lane dividers.