So, here is another pestering question that we find ourselves consistently pondering: What good is a feature truck without a blow-hard, knock-your-socks-off sound system? The idea of a show truck without a certain level of audio capabilities treads on the same ground as sitting down to a burger without French fries, or visiting a beach with no bikini-clad chicks. Yep, it's just that important.

John understands that having a deafening stereo system is an absolute must while hitting the streets or sitting idle at a show. With that said, very little time was wasted in order to have an audio-centric center console fabricated to fit snuggly between the two bucket seats. Two 12-inch Alphasonik subwoofers were loaded into the fresh fiberglass enclosure and a 1,500-watt Bi-Polar two-channel amp supples just the right amount of thump inside the single cab. John was able to get his own hands to work, as he installed the webbing of wires and speaker cable of the truck's high performance audio apparatus-not always an easy task with all of the multi-functional components in today's aftermarket.

Now that John, a proud member of the Austin chapter of Kustom Koncepts car club, has finally completed his truck and taken the local show scene by storm, a simple question comes to mind: What else is in store for this cool flamin' Chevy? John told us he has a few ideas for the near future, but he has chosen to remain mysterious and not leak any specific plans. As the trucks stands now, there isn't much anyone in their right mind would want to change. Engine upgrades, you say? What for? In case you forgot, the truck is tucking 24s-quite comfortably for cryin' out loud! That's good enough for the girls we go with. Whatever comes next from John, whether it be updates to his C1500 or another rig, you can rest assured the final results will be well worth the wait.