You'd never imagine the magnitude of audio arsenal located within the cab and bed of this '02 Ford F-250 Super Duty. Even if you experienced the tidal wave of sound firsthand, we can't really say how much of it you'd actually remember. The decibel force is probably powerful enough to disrupt any sort of regular brain activity. Before you decide to pop your head in to listen, think back to this as a forewarning. In all seriousness, anything more than a pounding earache or a dislocated eyeball would be a highly unlikely injury to endure. Sure, this truck has much more to offer than its booming sound system, but it's definitely the highlight of its character.

Of course, there is more to Ernest Jerry Garcia's (yes, that's his real name) Super Duty than pure ear candy. The truck is also quite easy on the eyes, which never hurts when it's time to bring home a few tro-phies and a feature spread in the World's Leading Truck Publication. (We really are a humbled and grounded group of guys. Really.)

Getting back to Ernest's Ford, the front end has been refreshed with an '05-up front clip, fully stocked with Stull billet grille inserts. Bushwacker fender flares and Road Armor front and rear bumpers transformed the truck's faade into that of a rugged mud maniac. A Raider Lowrider tonneau cover provides the many components of electric ecstasy with security from the elements and many envious sticky fingers. Full Blown Kustoms, in Eugene, Oregon, sprayed a few coats of Fast Back Blue above the white and orange paint scheme. A few other accessories, such as tinted taillights-and most importantly-PIAA auxiliary lights, also grace the hauler's exterior.

We actually stumbled across Ernest's truck as it was basking under the high beams of PIAA's booth during last year's SEMA event. In all fairness, we couldn't help but notice the truck's towering stance and the 5,000-degree radiation emanating from the lamps, which for most people, shines directly at eye level. The bullying exterior of Ernest's lifted Super Duty appears to be suitable for one thing-to roll over almost anything in its path. After looking at the truck's 10-1/2-inch lift, it is safe to assume the Ford is a success in the off-road category. Ernest knew exactly what he wanted in a lift kit, all he had to do was holler at his fellow Oregonian truck friends, Revtek, for a little suspension elevation. Revtek designed a completely custom setup, which features nitrogen-charged Edelbrock reservoir shocks and an entire lineup of specialized goodies. The game was taken to another level-once Ernest strayed away from the shelves of the local truck shop and the pages of a mail order catalog. Not many people choose to have a fully one-off suspension built for their very first custom build.