With a freshly unique suspension setup underneath his feet, Ernest needed a set of wheels and tires to complement the appeal of his off-road rippin' rig. A set of 20-inch American Racing wheels, complete with a foursome of 40x15.5x22 Toyo M/T rubbers, fell precisely into place. Now that the major chassis components were well taken care of, Ernest turned to BTL Auto Sports for a few luxury items. There is no need to worry about any type of mishap going wrong while climbing over rocks, hills, or even multi-storied buildings, since TrailReady beadlocks were installed to keep the truck in secure contact with the ground below. A Hellwig sway bar and PSC hydraulic assist steering system have also been bolted to the truck's undercarriage for additional rock-crushing comfort. At this point, most off-road dips and dives must feel like minor highway turbulence-nothing a little V-10 couldn't conquer. Yep, a V-10. You didn't think Ernest would go through the trouble of enhancing his Super Duty's suspension if he wasn't packing some serious heat under the hood? As if that monster wasn't powerful enough, a Kenne Bell supercharger was thrown into the mix for a resulting 6-pound boost. Once the truck is in motion, you'll see Ernest's truck whip right by you, before you are knocked over by the accompanying rushing wall of wind, and then taunted by the sonic roar from the 3-inch MagnaFlow exhaust system.

Speaking of noise, now seems a good time to deliver on the audio-erotica tease previously mentioned. After one look inside of the truck, a rush of adrenaline should suddenly bolt through your system. Fiberglass, paint, and speakers have devoured the entire extended cab-certainly a mainstay in the tradition of tricked-out trucks, but there is something special about the message behind Ernest's creation.

Bishop Customs from Sherwood, Oregon, installed the Memphis Audio components that are featured throughout the cab and the bed of the truck. However, Memphis, Tennessee, is also given a nod to in the form of airbrushed murals of legendary musicians that have a connection to the cradle of rock 'n' roll. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Ray Charles have made a positive impact on the music we listen to on a daily basis; although their music probably never sounded better than through the 30-plus speakers in Ernest's Super Duty.