The aftermarket off-road community has found itself unknowingly sleeping during the calm before the Fabtech storm. Brent Riley, president of the renowned suspension fabricator Fabtech, from Chino, California, has been deep in concentration while preparing Fabtech and Ford's concept hauler for its public debut. The project truck, which has been affectionately named the 'Power Storm,' has been granted the Ford Design Award, and has been a whirlwind in the making-once the rendering and design process was finalized. In a brief three-month period, Riley and crew were able to transform the already super-sized F-Series into an eye of a hype hurricane.

The Power Storm first touched down at the '07 SEMA gala. Since then, countless so-called 'big' trucks have succumbed in the wake of the aftermath. Riley is no stranger to building functional yet fantastic off-road machines, boasting both show and traffic-stopping appeal. For nearly 20 years, Riley has been representing Fabtech components and the possibilities they offer to those who are driving trucks, SUVs, or playing with deranged dirt mobiles. One glance at the Power Storm and it is evident that new heights can be reached when trusting the ingenuity of the boys of blue.

Serving as the president of one of the market's leading suppliers of suspension products, Riley finds it of the utmost importance to get his own hands dirty while prepping parts for new applications. Riley has been involved in many projects, which have included vehicles ranging from 4WD and 2WD trucks to dune-demolishing side-by-sides. None seem to have reached the apex of consumer interest quite like the Power Storm.