In the world of side-by-side Recreation Utility Vehicles (RUV), it seems brand loyalty is just as fierce as the fullsize truck market. To each his own; but on a recent road test with our '08 Truck of the Year winner Toyota Tundra, we had the opportunity to test an '08 Kawasaki Teryx 4x4. Once the Teryx had been strapped down to a dual-axle trailer, we drove our Tundra to a remote off-road park with high-speed trails, whoops, and large rocks. After unloading the RUV, we put on our helmets and began a day of off-roading. We started out the day wondering what it could do. Not long into our excursion we realized, wow, this little thing is cool!

Marketed as the only RUV with a V-Twin, the 749cc Kawasaki didn't disappoint us. The water-cooled, mid-chassis mounted V-Twin is strong and rushes to speed seamlessly, thanks to a continuously variable transmission. Torque from the 90-degree V-Twin was appreciated when modulating dirt-covered turns, creating a powerful drift, and helping the 4x4 climb over rocky terrain. Switching from 2WD to 4WD was as easy as pushing the electronic switch on the dash. With the Teryx in 2WD High, we saw speeds reaching 50 mph.