So, when the talented crew at Fabtech attacked this monster-sized F-350, the plan was to build a big lifted truck with big tires, but to design it in such a way as to make sure it was usable. This is no pretty show truck that doesn't function in the real world; this thing can be driven on the street, jumped in the dirt, and (in general) treated badly. This thinking set the truck apart from the usual high-profile show-truck buildup.

The one feature that surely turns heads wherever this truck goes is the rear steer. Fabtech had a custom-built rearend made to accomplish this difficult task. It used a combination of OE parts to achieve the goal. Dana Super 60 steering knuckles and end forgings (from an F-550 front axle) were combined with a Dana 80 rear axle center section by Dynatrac in Huntington Beach, California. It's all held together with a three-link suspension system using Fabtech's Dirt Logic 4.0 coilovers. Precision Gear supplied the 5.38 ring and pinion, for both front and rear, and everything can be locked with the ARB Air Lockers in both ends. Fabtech whittled out custom billet aluminum differential covers for both ends.

The front end is just about as sophisticated. There's a Super Dana 60 front axle and Dirt Logic 4.0 coilovers. Whereas, a custom four-link suspension provides 16 inches of travel (same travel as the rear), while Dirt Logic 2.25-inch bumpstops are there for protection when the driving gets a bit rough. Dirt Logic steering stabilizers also control excessive shake at the front. Howe provided its hydraulic-assisted ram steering for the front and the fully hydraulic dual-ram steering for the rear.