Now that Cody's truck stands complete-for the moment that is-we feel that Roland's personal ambassador for RBP, his '07 Chevy Silverado Duramax, should spend some time under the spotlight, as well. The Chevy also sports a 9-inch lift, but Roland opted to go with Fabtech components and Redline Diesel shocks. Roland looked no further than RBP's own warehouse for his wheel selection-the same 91R series wheels that Cody's Ford is rocking, except these feature the standard, all black finish. The Toyo Open County M/T tires are also a common factor between the two trucks, but the Chevy is running a slightly taller size at 40/15.50R22.

Roland's Chevy also shares a few more similar modifications, with a slightly different character all its own. The front end of the Silverado features RBP's riveted grille shell-an edgier variation of the smooth version featured on Cody's Super Duty. The head and taillights have been tinted a few shades darker, which gives the truck a mysterious and stealthy appearance. Together, these two blacked-out trucks look rather suspicious parked right next together, but it's always nice to have a partner in crime. Both trucks have been equipped with RBP's 4-inch black-coated exhaust system, which helps to increase the fuel economy in each of the two diesel-drinking trucks.

Things have certainly taken off in a positive direction for Roland and his RBP brand of extreme truck products. What began as a humble attempt to establish a specialty niche within a competitive market, evolved into a highly respected entity among those who eat, sleep, and breath the radical, off-road lifestyle. RBP caters to individuals who seek accessories that represent their aggressive passion for tough trucks and the accompanying attitude that reflects a community fueled by pulse-pumping pleasure.

Cody Elkins is just one example of RBP's targeted demographic-a group that can't seem to get enough exhilaration both on and off paved roads. Roland and Cody's titanic trucks symbolize the type of truck that is sought after by thousands of extreme motorsport fans nationwide, as well as the values that promote heart-pounding, adrenaline-rushing excitement.