This truck was designed to stand out in a crowd and make onlookers drop their jaws. On the ground, tuckin' 24s, smoothed from front to back, and an interior that must be seen in person to fully be appreciated, this truck defines big time. Big James DeMouy understood and accepted the challenge to build a truck that would separate himself from the cookie-cutter C10s. With several tricks up his XXL sleeve, we just hope you're ready for the classic-truck party.

It's no big surprise that '67-'72 Chevy C10s popularity has exploded recently, with their smooth lines, sweet proportions, and steel panels, the truck basically asks to be customized. Big James answered that call with a '71 of his own. Starting with the frame and suspension, Daryl Smith Z'd the factory frame and then boxed it, creating a strong foundation. Up front, AIM spindles were bolted onto the AIM upper and lower drop A-arms to get the nose nice and low. Bringing the nose onto the ground are Slam Specialties airbags, controlled by GC450 valves; a 1/2-inch air line, and two Air-Zenith compressors. Out back, a two-link with a Panhard bar keeps things parallel, while Slam Specialties airbags and GC450 valves brought the bed down. Chrome AIM shocks, both front and rear, allow the truck to cruise with a smooth ride. Under each fender are 24x10 Incubus wheels. Wheels that big, on a truck this low, meant tires needed to be low-profile enough but strong enough to meet the load rating, so Toyo Proxes 275/30R24 tires were mounted to each hoop. The look is killer. Stopping the truck is cross-drilled and slotted rotors from Summit. Once all the fitment issues were cleared up, the entire frame was painted black and the suspension pieces received antifreeze green paint. Rollin' low, Big James wanted to make sure he could go with the best of them, and that meant a trip to The Wop Shop in Houston.